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Determination and Overcoming

Let’s Go Shopping

Heather S. | Financial Manager, Mother of 1

Actual Eczema Sufferer

“Let’s go shopping for that big party next week.” For most people, a call from your best friend would be received with so much excitement. But for me, it’s like pulling on a sweater made of porcupine needles.

Going clothes shopping can be frustrating, grueling work when you have atopic dermatitis.

I’m not worried about the regular questions that most women think out in their head when looking for an outfit: Will it fit? Will it cost too much? I’m thinking about whether I’ll be in the middle of a flare at the time. Can this or that piece of clothing hide a flare? What material is this made of? I may react to the fabric. Will the building the party is being held in be too hot or cold? That factors into my flare-ups, too. And heaven forbid I try to wear a light-colored outfit because my rash will probably show, or I’ll bleed through the fabric. And if I’m lucky enough to find an outfit that meets all of my requirements, I still have to think about jewelry. Flashy costume jewelry would be fun to wear, but not for me…not with my atopic dermatitis.

If I wear earrings made of anything that isn’t solid gold, my ears will be itching all night. Who wants to have red ears all night long? So while I love to admire all the earrings that would look great with the outfit, I must stick to my very simple gold stud earrings.

Not quite done yet. I still need shoes. I can’t get anything that might rub my skin too much or else my feet and toes will develop icky patches that will be hell and feel like I am walking on broken glass. It’s a horrible feeling.

So sure, when my BFF calls to go shopping, it’s not the happiest moment. Luckily, she already knows that I’ll be very picky…and she’s completely understanding. It’s great to have someone supportive by my side to make the shopping process easier to handle. Plus, she knows I won’t give up until I can find that elusive, perfect outfit.

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