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What Would I Do Without My Husband?

Serena G. | Office Manager

Actual Eczema Sufferer

My husband reacted to my atopic dermatitis diagnosis in a very empathetic and supportive way. It was sort of embarrassing to have to share it with him knowing how it affected me emotionally and physically. He’s an extremely understanding person and he has mentioned that he never likes to bring up people’s physical conditions. It’s not right and he wants to be as supportive as possible.

When I told him that I had found a community of people who could relate to my struggles, he was very happy for me. He was excited to see me share with others who suffer with eczema and collaborate with one another to get through it all.

My husband has been a huge help to me. We have learned together how best to cope with my atopic dermatitis. He finds so many ways to be a loving and attentive partner.

He buys me lotions as he knows that I need constant moisturizing. My go-to recently has been calming lotion. Whenever he goes to the store, he always asks if I need anything. As I pretty much double lather my skin all over with the lotion, he assists me with my back as we know it’s not easy moisturizing that part of the body.

My husband also listens to me. He is such a wonderful listener and comes up with good ideas and thoughts. He constantly encourages me to drink water, exercise, and be mindful of what I eat in order to help avoid flare ups, but it’s not always easy because we’re both such foodies.

He doesn’t let my eczema affect me. If I’m having a bad day with eczema, he’ll cheer me up and try to get my mind off it. He helps me not to stress and provides lots of pampering, which is great!

My husband and I do not have children, but we still manage to keep very busy! There is never a dull moment in our home. Whether we are traveling out of town, the state, or the country, it’s rare that we have a weekend when we’re home doing nothing. It’s nice to know that despite the challenges we may face with my eczema, we both stay supportive and strong for one another.

Knowing that there is more to life than being bogged down with such a condition is vital.

You only live once, so we make the best of what we can every day.

My family has also been quite supportive, and they know what I go through. My mom suffered with it in years past, so hearing what remedies she's used and what’s helped her get through helps me know that everything will be okay.

With a condition like atopic dermatitis, it is so important to feel like you have a strong support system. My husband and my family have shown me in so many ways that I am not alone in my struggle with eczema. I know I am stronger with them in my corner.

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